Routine Dental Check-Ups Keep Your Mouth Healthier Longer

routine-checkups-1The importance of routine dental care cannot be overstated.  A majority of dental treatment can be prevented entirely by routine at-home and in-office dental care.  It is an undebatable fact that people who follow routine dental care practices have healthier mouths and teeth for a longer time.  In fact, age-related tooth loss is no longer a given.  If you routinely take care of your teeth, there is an excellent chance that you can have your teeth for a lifetime.

At Family Dental Care, we recommend routine check-ups for all patients due to the value of these exams.

These benefits consist of:

  • A healthier mouth
  • Maintaining fresh breath
  • Early detection of dental problems
  • Preventing complex treatments
  • Cost savings
  • Guidance on routine home care
  • Empowering you with knowledge

A small cavity often does not hurt as it is not near the nerve of the tooth.  In fact, you may not know it is even there unless you have a routine dental check-up.  If a cavity is filled before it becomes larger or approaches the nerve, it can prevent more extensive treatment.

However, once a cavity gets close to the nerve it can become very painful and the tooth can abscess; the treatment of such a condition is either a root canal or pulling the tooth. It is therefore best to treat a cavity when it is small so you do not have to have either of these two treatments.



In addition, your brushing and flossing technique may not be correct or not sufficient to help prevent gum disease and cavities.  During your routine checkup, we will review your home dental care, and our hygienist will advise if you are missing any areas of your mouth when brushing/flossing as well as recommend improved techniques and/or products that will help.

Routine Check-Ups Include Preventative Dental Care and Patient Education

We firmly believe that preventative dental care should begin very early in life.  This includes tips for parents and their children during routine check-ups.  These visits can start as soon as the child’s first teeth appear, usually at six or seven months of age.  At this visit, we also review proper dental care with the parents.


It is also very important that your child’s first visit is not associated with a toothache.  By starting the education process at an early age, we now have a generation of children who enjoy going to the dentist and actually look forward to their visit.  We give them dental care at a gradual pace that they can easily accept and understand; they know us as a friend and we earn their trust.

The frequency of routine dental check-ups can be every six or nine months.  For people with a higher tendency for gum disease, the schedule can even be every three to four months. With the goal of maintaining your teeth for the rest of your life, our doctors and hygienists will advise you on the best frequency for your mouth.

In addition to an opportunity for patients to discuss their dental care with our Family Dental Care staff, these routine check-ups include:

  • Teeth cleaning
  • Teeth polishing
  • Fluoride application as needed
  • Gum examination
  • Minimal X-rays, as required
  • Early detection of dental problems
  • A presentation of all treatment options
  • A review of your home care
  • Answering all your questions to your full satisfaction

Include routine dental check-ups in your overall health care.  Call Family Dental Care at 613-736-5000 or contact us to book an appointment today.  New patients are welcome. We always make room for your family and friends.