Overcoming Dental Fear and Anxiety

If you are afraid of the dentist, you are not alone. Many people have anxiety surrounding dental treatments, and some go as far as to avoid making appointments altogether. This can lead to more severe tooth issues that require serious treatment methods to repair when they are finally addressed. Instead of delaying visiting, try these … Read More

Choosing the Right Family Dentist

Whether you’ve just moved to a new location and need to switch clinics, or your old dentist has retired, there are several reasons you may be looking to choose a new dentist for your family. When the time comes to select, there are a few things to keep in mind to ensure you get the … Read More

Dental Hygiene Tips for a Healthy Mouth

Taking care of your oral and dental hygiene is an essential part of living a healthy lifestyle. Along with being able to show off a beautiful smile, having good mouth hygiene can help prevent gum disease, oral cancers, and other infections and diseases. Here are some tips for keeping your mouth in it’s best shape. … Read More

The History of Dental Fillings

When you have a cavity that needs to be filled, you have several safe options available, including the aesthetically pleasing composite, or white filling. This wasn’t always the case, as dental fillings have been made from various materials that were not the best for the human body. Over time, science has learned how to repair a … Read More