Chewing On Ice Isn’t Good For Your Teeth

Chewing on ice may appear as honest as drinking water, however, it can really do a decent measure of harm to your valuable magnificent whites. Biting on ice can cause gum damage, tiny breaks in veneer (which can wind up plainly bigger cracks), and even broken teeth. Biting ice is particularly terrible for the individuals … Read More

How to Teach Your Kids to Floss

Most parents are aware of the pains of teaching their kids good dental hygiene habits from the proper technique of holding a brush and how much toothpaste to use to how to ensure that their brush reaches all nooks and crevices inside their mouth. Then there’s the added effort of stressing on certain important hygiene … Read More

How Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth

How Pregnancy Affects Your Teeth

There are many misconceptions and rumors associated with the impact of pregnancy on teeth. Most of us would have either heard or read that a mother’s teeth lose calcium and hence every pregnancy leads to the loss of 1 teeth. It can’t be any farther from the truth as pregnancy doesn’t cause any major loss … Read More