Oral Health Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

Oral Health Warning Signs You Should Not Ignore

You may not think that oral care is as important as other forms of health care such as eating right or exercising regularly, but your mouth is a major component in your overall well-being. Many diseases and illnesses show symptoms in your mouth, and if your teeth, tongue, gums, and jaw aren’t working their best … Read More

Bad Dental Habits You Need to Change

You brush your teeth, floss consistently, and see your dental practitioner twice a year for checkups and cleanings. Bravo! Prevention is always better than cure. However, there are several habits, you may follow unknowingly, which might affect your dental wellbeing. Here’s our rundown of five of the most noticeably awful dental propensities. Crunching, Sucking, and … Read More

Chewing On Ice Isn’t Good For Your Teeth

Hot weather brings in a lot of icy filled drinks. It might be hard to resist the frozen water cubes that skulk in your favorite cola. Another most desirable way of eating ice during the summers is water ice, also known as snow cones, snowballs, shave ice etc. But have you ever thought about the … Read More

What are the differences between a Dentist and Dental Hygienist?

Body: Healthy teeth result in confident and beautiful smiles. A simple routine can help prevent most dental problems, but when we do have one, we rush to a dental clinic.Just like any other medical professionals, dentist and a registered dental hygienist, both are licensed dental professionals. One is known as a Doctor of Dental Surgery … Read More