8 Dental Tips From Ottawa Dentist

Dental Tip #1: Did you know that eating sugar causes dental cavities? So, no sugar in diet means no cavities! Lets try to reduce the real culprit. Sugar! Dental Tip #2: Did you know that the more number of times we eat sugar or snacks increases cavities. We need a few hours on food on … Read More

How To Prepare For Your Root Canal Treatment

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Like with any dental procedure, a root canal treatment may seem unnerving. But a root canal treatment is usually a relatively painless procedure that aims at alleviating pain caused by the tooth in question and restoring your dental health. Remember that you will be better off as there will be a lot less pain after your root … Read More

10 dental healthy home habits

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This great list was compiled by Dr. Garry A. Rayant, Editor-in-Chief of Dear Doctor, Inc. They are simple everyday routines and a couple of long term views, well because your teeth are with you long term. If you follow these 10 steps that is. Yup, #1 Is The Right Toothbrush We have heard patients discussing … Read More