Change Your Colour With the Best Teeth Whitening Services From Family Dental Care

Teeth Whitening Services

Here at Family Dental Care, we provide our patients with the best teeth whitening services because we understand how important your smile is to you. Feeling uncomfortable or ashamed of your smile is bound to happen at least once in your life, but there is an easy and effective solution to have you smiling again in pure confidence. So, if you have a big function coming up, a photoshoot or simply want a beautiful smile, make your appointment today – you will love the results!

Causes Of Tooth Discolouration

You may be frustrated with the appearance of your teeth as they seem to shift in colour, but never towards white. Unfortunately, our lifestyles are a major contributor to the colour of our teeth, and our genetics are also partly to blame. Whether the causes are extrinsic, intrinsic or age-related, it’s important to understand why your teeth are not the pearly white you want them to be. 

  • Food and drink – coffee, tea, wine, cola and some fruits and vegetables have staining properties on your teeth.
  • Smoking – chewing tobacco or long-term nicotine use can significantly stain the teeth and leave you with bad breath.
  • Poor dental hygiene – insufficient teeth cleaning allows staining substances to sit for longer on the enamel and causes plaque build-up.
  • Ageing – when you age, the enamel on your teeth wears thin, revealing the natural yellow colour of the dentin in your teeth. 
  • Genetics – some people have brighter and thicker enamel than others.

You can change a few things to prevent staining your teeth, but teeth whitening is excellent to turn back the clock.

What Does My Tooth Colour Mean?

Since you now know some of the many causes of tooth discolouration, it may be helpful to point out the various colours you may see in your teeth as well. Take a look at these colours and what causes them.

  • Yellow – the yellowing of teeth is mainly caused by ageing as the yellow dentin in your teeth becomes exposed.
  • Brown – poor oral hygiene, tobacco and staining foods may turn the teeth brown after time. 
  • White – spots may appear on developing teeth from excess exposure to fluoride in water or oral products.
  • Black – Tooth decay or tooth pulp necrosis may turn your teeth grayish or black. 

Don’t let the colour of your teeth stop you from showing off your beautiful smile. With the best teeth whitening services from Family Dental Care, you can have a whiter and brighter smile in only a few minutes. 

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