Correct Your Smile With the Innovation of Invisalign in Ottawa

Invisalign Treatment Process

Feeling confident in your smile is now possible with Invisalign in Ottawa from Family Dental Care. With the new technology and advantages, dental patients can straighten their teeth with more comfort and ease than ever before. As the name suggests, Invisalign braces are virtually invisible, so you no longer need to feel ashamed or embarrassed about having unsightly and clunky metal attached to your teeth. It is certainly a top contender for correcting your crowded, spaced or misaligned teeth for children and adults alike.

Improved Functionality 

If you had traditional braces before, you could attest to the many challenges you had to face having them as a permanent fixture in your mouth. First, it most certainly plays with your self-confidence, more so for adults than children. Second, it makes eating certain foods nearly impossible, and some foods have to be eliminated entirely to avoid getting stuck in the braces or causing damage. Thirdly, metal braces often cause gum irritation or mouth sores that make talking or eating extremely uncomfortable, and you may start to wonder if straight teeth are worth all the trouble you have to endure. Simply put, even though traditional braces have helped many patients correct their smiles and improved their quality of life, technology has presented us with a new and exciting alternative that ticks all the boxes. 

Choose Invisalign for Better Oral Health

One of the challenges of traditional braces is the difficulty in keeping the teeth clean and healthy. The clunky metal makes brushing and flossing your teeth far more difficult and may prevent proper cleaning in hard-to-reach surface areas on your teeth. As a result, patients may experience tooth decay, gum disease or bad breath from improper oral hygiene. Thankfully, Invisalign introduces an easy way to keep your teeth clean and healthy since the braces can be removed for a short period every day. What does this mean for patients? Well, patients can now enjoy their favourite foods, give their gums a break and stay on top of their oral hygiene routine for exceptional mind, body and oral health. 

In addition, patients can feel confident smiling in public as the braces are hardly noticeable. So, besides a better smile and improved oral hygiene, patients will also experience an improved social life from a boost in self-confidence.

There is no denying the rewards and convenience that this new technology offers dental patients, so don’t miss out on correcting your smile.  Get your Invisalign treatment in Ottawa from Family Dental Care and contact us today to schedule a booking.