8 Dental Tips From Ottawa Dentist

Dental Tip #1:

Did you know that eating sugar causes dental cavities? So, no sugar in diet means no cavities! Lets try to reduce the real culprit. Sugar!

Dental Tip #2:

Did you know that the more number of times we eat sugar or snacks increases cavities. We need a few hours on food on our teeth for good bacteria in our mouth. So reduce the number of meals a day to reduce cavities.

Dental Tip #3:

Did you know that dental plaque is actually dried saliva. Anything that dries up the mouth, like smoking, mouth breathing or medications that reduce saliva will cause more plaque and cavities to form. So keep your mouth from drying.

Dental Tip #4:

Did you know that not everyone needs to brush twice a day. Anyone with more gum disease or cavities will benefit from brushing twice a day and after every meal. So, yes, you can brush more often and you can reduce the need for dental work:

Dental Tip #5:

Did you know that the objective of brushing is not to remove plaque which is dried saliva. Plaque on teeth then causes cavities and gum disease. The more we keep our teeth clean with brushing and flossing the less plaque and therefore less cavities and gum disease.

Dental Tip #6:

Did you know that small cavities do not often cause pain or sensitivity. These can be detected in a routine dental check up and can be treated. This can prevent need for Root Canal Treatments and we can have healthy teeth without complicated dental procedures.

Dental Tip #7:

Did you know that people who see the dentist regularly need much less complicated dental treatment and spend less money at the dentist. This is because cavities and gum disease detected before they start hurting are at an early stage and are easier to treat and much less expensive.

Dental Tip #8:

Did you know that need for braces can be prevented if crooked teeth in children are treated at an early age. The time to treat crooked teeth is when you first notice that front teeth are crooked. This is often as early as 6 to 8 years of age! Yes, in many cases crooked teeth can be prevented!