Discover Less Restriction With the Best Dentist for Invisalign

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If you’re looking for an experienced dentist for Invisalign, then look no further than Family Dental Care in Ottawa.

We know how important a beautiful smile is for many people, but even more crucial is improved oral health. Most people fill in their adult teeth comfortably and have a good-looking smile, but many also struggle with dental issues such as a crossbite, overbite or crowding, which negatively affects their appearance and oral health. 

But, if the thought of metal braces has been stopping you from making an appointment with your dentist, you can finally sigh in relief! Invisalign is an innovative alternative to the traditional metal braces we grew up seeing, giving patients a new smile without any unsightly mouth gear or complications. 

Say Good-Bye to Restrictive Eating

One of the biggest disappointments of having traditional braces is restricting your diet. For developing children, it meant eliminating certain foods that were both enjoyable and essential for their growth. Already uncomfortable and embarrassed by having braces, you also have to endure family days out for parties with friends where you can’t eat certain foods. The last thing you want is food scraps dangling from your braces! 

Still, you had to sit and watch as those around you snacked on popcorn, indulged in peanut brittle and other hard candies, and had to eat corn off the cob at the family barbeque!

But, Invisalign has arrived to make your daily grazing much more enjoyable! Now you can enjoy all your favourite foods without compromising the effectiveness of your braces! 

Give Your Mouth a Break

So you went out with a group of friends, and everyone looked absolutely beautiful and glamorous with their pristine smiles, but you felt completely out of place and embarrassed as the only brace face at the party. The overwhelming feeling to rip them off your teeth was imminent and persistent every moment of the evening, but you were forced to subdue it as you realized you still had another twelve months to go. 

Thankfully, Invisalign allows its wearers to find much-needed separation for a small period of time each day so that they can feel a little less like an eyesore and a little more like themselves. However, most Invisalign patients are so impressed with the transparency that taking them off seems entirely unnecessary, so the advantages truly never end!

If you want to make an appointment with one of the most experienced dentists for Invisalign, then contact us today to schedule your appointment. Family Dental Care will help you achieve your dream smile!