Easy Steps To Make Your Toddlers First Dental Office Visit Successful

Dental Visit

Preparing your child for a new experience is challenging, but you can ease your toddler’s nervousness at the dental office by practising a few easy steps. 

As much as children want to learn and explore, there is just something about going to a doctor that gets some children all worked up. Some parents see their kids go from being boisterous, energetic balls of chaos into timid and frightened children when it’s time for a check-up, and the dental office is no exception!

So, how do you make their first time in the dentist’s chair a little easier and even exciting? And more importantly, how do you get them excited about their oral health?

Five Easy Steps To Prepare Your Toddler For Their First Dental Visit

Start brushing early. Getting your kids into a routine is probably one of the most important but challenging parts of parenthood. It is imperative that children have an oral hygiene routine, and parents can start enforcing it from the moment the first tooth appears. This will help them become comfortable and familiar and give them confidence when it’s time for their dentist appointment. In addition, toddlers should brush their teeth with a non-fluoridated toothpaste twice daily, preferably before becoming too tired, lessening the chance of them becoming upset with the routine.

Make it tasty. Children are more inclined to try something when it comes in delicious flavours, so consider buying a flavoured kids’ toothpaste, such as bubblegum or strawberry. 

Avoid sudden surprises. Children don’t like being unprepared, so taking them to the dentist without first discussing it with them might not be the best course of action. Instead, spend time telling them about the dentist and why it is important. In addition, show them what happens when you visit a dental office and let them do a few role-playing scenarios with you. 

Take them on a field trip. Take your child to visit the dentist to get familiar with the surroundings and faces they will encounter during their appointment. Show them the equipment and explain that there is nothing to be afraid of. 

Use praise and positive reinforcement. A first-time dental visit could possibly be a scary experience for children, and unfortunately, there is no amount of preparation that guarantees no tears. Still, rewarding your child for being brave and practising healthy habits with stickers or one-on-one time at the park makes it less terrifying for them and less stressful for parents!

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