Handling Dental Emergency Services In Ottawa

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Handling dental emergency services in Ottawa can take on many forms, but when you know what issues are manageable you can fully assess and maintain calm until you arrive at the ER. With this information, you can understand what these services handle, and how to manage a situation until the right people are on site. Read on to find out more about this offering. 

Knocked-out Teeth 

When you are dealing with retrieving a tooth or suffering from a break, be sure to find the piece to take along with you. If there is dirt present be sure to wash it ideally as soon as possible. If the full tooth is out, try to place it softly back in place to ensure no closure occurs. But do not force it into the socket. If it is not possible, put the tooth in a small container of milk, saltwater or the person’s saliva. If bleeding is not stopping be sure to apply pressure with a cold, wet tissue or towelette. 

Something Stuck Between Teeth 

If you have food or other elements stuck in your teeth, causing pressure or pain, first try to dislodge it with a toothpick or floss before seeking medical attention. In dire cases, it is best to head straight to the ER without fiddling too much. When you are struggling with food in your mouth it is best to manage it in ways you are used to and only seek medical attention when really needed. 

Loose Tooth Crown 

If you are dealing with a loose crown or fitting you need to be sure to keep it stored in a safe place and kept aside for when you visit your medical professional. Over-the-counter cement, toothpaste or denture adhesive, can also be used to cover the tooth underneath and to slip the crown back over and in place. Be sure to keep these handy around the house in case you need a quick fix before you make it to your dentist. 

Abscess And Infection 

When a range of infections present themselves they can be found around the root of the tooth, the space between the teeth and gums or an infection inside the tooth root. Abscesses are serious conditions that cause an immense amount of damage to the tissue and surrounding teeth, even going as far as hitting the bone. The infection could possibly be spreading to another part of the body if left untreated. In the meantime, draw the pus towards the surface, and rinse your mouth with mild saltwater solutions several times over a day period. 

When looking at dental emergency services in Ottawa be sure to find the professionals you trust. With our expert insight and guidance, you can be sure to have the most ideal solutions to your tooth and mouth issues. Contact us to find out more about this!