Responding to Dental Emergencies

When you need emergency dental services in Ottawa, Family Dental Care can help. We strive to always assist our patients quickly, bringing them pain relief and ensuring they leave with a positive outcome.

Dental emergencies happen far more than you may think, especially in the sporting industry where high-contact and high-impact activities are done, such as ice hockey. You’ve probably seen quite a few mouth injuries while watching your favourite sporting events on television, although it can be challenging to imagine the full extent of what has actually happened to the player’s mouth. Some sports professionals have even swallowed a tooth or two!

Then there’s your younger generation of daredevils and stuntmen, sliding down handrails and bodyboarding their way down a staircase. The vast majority of these end in disaster, usually with a mouth lesion, missing teeth, and a quick trip to the dentist.

This article gives you more insight into emergency dental services and what to expect.

Recognizing a Dental Emergency

Your children are probably overjoyed to lose a tooth and place it under their pillow, patiently waiting until morning light to see if the Tooth Fairy has arrived; however, this is not the case for adults. Instead, adults fear losing their teeth—no grownup wants to walk around looking like a pirate. So, what can you do to save your tooth in case of a dental emergency, and what exactly constitutes a dental emergency?

Firstly, losing a tooth due to trauma or impact is a dental emergency. If your tooth has fallen out, there will be residual damage to your gums and inflammation around the site. Keeping your tooth alive, on the other hand, is critical. So, the best thing to do is to try and put the tooth back inside its cavity until you arrive at the dentist. Additionally, you should try to control the bleeding as much as possible, so place some gauze at the wound site to absorb the blood and apply a cold compress to reduce swelling.

Getting Help for Dental Emergencies

When it comes to emergencies, acting fast is exceptionally important. So, don’t wait for a dental emergency to happen before knowing where to go! Instead, remember the name Family Dental Care, because we are here for your dental needs.

Unfortunately, accidents happen. 

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be all doom and gloom for your smile. Instead, with your fast response and our professional emergency dental services in Ottawa from Family Dental Care, you have a good chance of restoring your smile and experiencing minimal mouth trauma.

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