The Pros of White Composite Filling

White composite filling is a beneficial solution to cavities and dental decay that can help you have a natural smile. With professional solutions, you can take care of your teeth and maintain your smile even when struggling with tooth decay. This stunning material sits naturally within the tooth and evens out the surface. Protecting the tooth structure while ensuring no more damage can occur. Read on to find out more about these services

They Look Natural 

This natural-looking element can enhance the appearance of teeth, unlike gold or silver ones, which are easily identifiable and not always enjoyed for their bright aesthetics. You do not have to draw attention to your tooth decay with natural-looking material. Instead, make it look good as new. The resin itself is prepared to match the colour of your existing teeth and blend with the enamel of your tooth structure. This creates a seamless look and helps you regain your confidence with a beautiful smile to show off every day.

They’re Non-Toxic

These material elements combine non-toxic plastic and ceramic to create a safe alternative to traditional metal methods.  Since metal options tend to contain a mixture of metal alloys, including mercury, it can cause allergic reactions in those with metal allergies. Resin options like this have no adverse effect on your body or oral health balance.

They’re Stable 

On the other hand, Silver options require a significant amount of enamel to be removed, which can weaken teeth and cause sensitivity. These newer, more versatile options can be put in with minimal enamel removal, causing far less risk of sensitivity. This allows your existing teeth to maintain their structural integrity and strength as the filling provides additional stability to teeth weakened by decay.

Quick Installation 

As these materials harden quickly, it allows for fast and effective implementation that can become stable in far less time than the traditional methods. In addition, these clean looking options ensure that you can manage it effectively and promptly when you have a pressing issue. 

They’re Durable 

White fillings weren’t initially considered strong enough to withstand the pressures of grinding and chewing. However, with improved technology, the quality and performance of this material have greatly improved, and they can now last for years when applied in the mouth properly. Besides being durable, they can be placed virtually anywhere in the mouth without fear of cracking.

White composite filling options are ideal for managing the health and wellness of your mouth. With professional solutions, you can enjoy a comfortable fit that endures far better than traditional options. Contact us today to find out more about these solutions.