Tips to Preventing Gum Disease

Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is something to be treated and prevented, usually starting when plaque builds up under and along the gum line. This is a space that creates an easy to reach space for bad elements that can harm the mouth. Plaque is a sticky film-like substance that’s filled with bacteria, and can cause infections that hurt the mouth inside, and bone, leading to health issues and tooth decay. Plaque also can cause gingivitis, the earliest stage of issues like this in the mouth. Read on to find out more!


You should always try to floss at least once a day to help prevent issues on a day to day basis. This helps remove the plaque and food that’s beyond your toothbrush’s reach, that can force its ways between your teeth. Flossing can be done at any time and is best used as a support for your daily brushing routine.

Get Regular Dental Cleanings

Your dental professional can help to detect these issues early on, picking up symptoms if you see them on a regular basis. That way symptoms can be treated before they become more serious and can be tackled with an experienced eye. A professional cleaning is also the most ideal way to remove tartar. It can also get rid of any plaque you may have missed when going through your daily hygiene routines. If you have gingivitis, brushing, flossing, and regular dental cleanings can help reverse it.

Brush Twice a Day

Always try to brush your teeth after every meal. This helps remove the food and plaque trapped between your cavities that may build up and cause issues over time. Scrub your tongue as well to ensure any bacteria is removed effectively. Find an ideal toothbrush with soft bristles that fits in your mouth comfortably day after day. Consider a battery-powered or electric toothbrush for efficiency as they can reduce time and increase coverage. These can also help reduce gingivitis and plaque more than manual brushing. 

Use Fluoride Toothpaste

As for toothpastes and hygiene solutions, store shelves are lined with brands that claim to reduce gingivitis, freshen breath, and whiten teeth. Be sure to talk to our team about the best ratios and brands for your needs, and ensure there is sufficient fluoride to ensure strength. Passing this, the flavour, colour and style is up to you. 

When you want to protect against gum disease be sure to trust professional care and ability, as well as insight into the best dental hygiene practices, be sure to contact our experts immediately. Contact us today to find out more about these tips.