What Is White Composite Filing

White Teeth

Composite white filling is a part of the dental practice that helps provide a reliable, sturdy, durable option for fixing teeth. 

This product is a modern solution to older methods that needed to be replaced and updated as time went on. This is a much safer option than traditional methods, which often rely on potentially hazardous materials. 

Professionals who implement these services can guide you through the options and explain why these alternatives are better than the traditional materials. 

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When preparing for the treatment, the dentist places the material in layers, using a lighting tool designed to harden each layer after it is applied. The dentist will shape the material to fit the tooth correctly when the process is finished. 

The dentist then polishes the finished material to prevent staining and premature wear. When placed correctly, the finished product looks and feels like your natural tooth, maintaining its strength and structure.

Costs And Pricing

Prices vary, but this material can be pricey when considered in larger amounts. Most dental insurance plans now consider and cover the cost of this newer material option.

As these new methods continue to improve, insurance companies are more likely to increase their coverage of composites, as they are an ideal way to fix a broken tooth or repair a cavity.

Advantages And Benefits

Aesthetics are a big advantage of these materials, since dentists can blend shades to create a colour nearly identical to that of your natural tooth structure. 

These composite materials bond to the tooth to support the remaining structure and ensure integrity over a longer time. 

This product helps to prevent further breakage and insulate the tooth from excessive temperature changes. 

With the ability to reinforce your mouth and jaw, you can benefit your dental health by taking on these services. 

Things To Know

After receiving a filling like this, a patient may experience postoperative sensitivity or tingling as the mouth adjusts to the new material. 

The material’s shade can also change over time if you drink tea, coffee or other staining foods. The dentist can put a clear plastic coating over the newly added material to prevent the colour from changing if a patient is particularly concerned about tooth colour. 

Although often, the colour change can help to adjust visually as it aligns with the rest of the patient’s teeth. 

Whit composite filling is a modern approach to dental correction that can help you maintain a natural look and feel. With professionals who can guide and advise you, you can fully understand the process and how and why it works. 

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