Conditions That Require Emergency Dental Services

Emergency Dental Services

Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect it… no matter how many times you brush your teeth a day or make every effort not to trip, fall and crack your tooth.

If you have a troublesome dental condition, it may be difficult to know whether the situation is an emergency or not. However, delaying a trip to the dentist could result in further pain, further damage and further expenses. And, you’re not Superman or The Incredible Hulk, there is a pain threshold that can be crossed and although you think you can bear the pain, it’ll get to a level which you won’t be able to manage.

As a leading emergency dental clinic in Ottawa, we have seen our fair share of dental emergencies, and we believe that the following procedures definitely require emergency treatment.

Severe Toothaches Bad Enough To Bring To You The ER

Toothaches can be severely painful to the point of the pain being almost unbearable. There are many potential causes for severe toothaches including inflammation and abscesses. This pain may cause eating, drinking and even talking to be uncomfortable.

A severe toothache probably means that something is very wrong, and you should make your way to an emergency dental clinic as soon as possible, to treat your pain, as well as the cause of your pain. Even if the pain seems dull, trust us when we say that even a dull ache can fire up at a fast rate.

When A Cracked Tooth Makes You Look Like A Hillbilly

Cracked teeth happen more often than you think. Whether it be from biting on something hard, or grinding your teeth, a cracked tooth can be exceptionally painful, and of course, exceptionally embarrassing for those who pride themselves on their sparkly whites. It is best to get to an emergency dental clinic at your earliest convenience. If you can’t, use an ice-pack to relieve the pain until you can. Reach for the face mask if you have to, but don’t let your fear of exposing your new ‘ Hillbilly ‘ looks stop you from getting out of the house and getting here.

Trauma Waits For No Man And Neither Does A Loose Tooth

Trauma to the teeth is caused by accidents such as sporting accidents and car accidents. They can result in dislodged teeth and excessive bleeding, but the results of trauma are very accident-specific. If you lose a tooth, it’s important that you try and find it, and keep it so that your dentist can try and save it. Trauma can be very scary, and it is imperative to get to an emergency dental clinic as soon as possible.

Lost Fillings Are Indeed An Emergency

Lost fillings are often not looked at as emergencies, but they can very easily become emergency situations if the tooth tissue is exposed to bacteria and causes infection and inflammation. That is why it is best to head to an emergency dental clinic in Ottawa as soon as you realise that you’ve lost a filling.

If you are ever in need of an emergency dental clinic in Ottawa, feel free to call us at 613-736-5000 (South) or 613-627-3500 (Downtown). We offer the option of Direct Billing to your insurance to make the payment process hassle-free for you.


  1. I agree with you. No matter how frequently you clean your teeth each day or how much care you take to avoid falling and breaking your tooth, dental emergencies can still occur when you least expect them.

  2. I like it when you said that there are many potential causes for severe toothaches including inflammation and abscesses. This pain may cause eating, drinking and even talking to be uncomfortable. Very informative.

  3. I totally agreed with the author. An urgent dental clinic should be seen as soon as possible if you are experiencing a severe toothache in order to relieve the pain and identify the source of the problem. Love the informations here.

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