Reasons Your Child May Be Saying “Ouch! My Mouth Hurts

Dental care for kids

Dental care for kids can sometimes be a challenging part of daily routine. Instead of placing a pea-sized blob of toothpaste on the toothbrush, you find your little ones nonchalantly emptying the tube of its contents into the bathroom sink, or worse yet, straight into their tiny mouths. On the other hand, you may be struggling with child stubbornness when oral hygiene is too ‘boring’ and taking time away from their preferred activities. Or, perhaps you’re one of the lucky few parents who have a child that enjoys practising daily oral hygiene and doesn’t need to be micromanaged to ensure the job is done properly. 

Whichever child you have looking back at you in the bathroom mirror, there are creative and effective ways to ensure their little teeth and gums are healthy and happy. Simply visit Family Dental Care in Ottowa today to have your kids on a life-long path to healthy smiles. 

Oral Aches And Pains – When To Visit A Dentist

As a child’s mouth develops, there may be some general aches and pains, but those are typically considered normal during the maturing process. In addition, as adult teeth start making their way out, your child might struggle with discomfort. But, when your child complains consistently of a sore mouth, you may want to schedule an appointment with a family dentist. 

There are many causes of oral pain, but the following are the most common in children:

  1. Cavities – cavities typically only cause pain as decay worsens, so dental check-ups every six months are the best way to prevent it from progressing. However, if there was no early intervention, cavities can quickly reach the dentin and pulp of the tooth, usually leading to a root canal or extraction to resolve the pain. Your child should eat a balanced diet low in sugary and acidic food items and practice daily oral hygiene to further prevent the prevalence of cavities. 
  2. Impaction – as your child loses their baby teeth, the adult teeth will slowly move into the available space. However, if the teeth are misaligned, they may get stuck behind the gum line and essentially become impacted. Immediate dental care is advised in these cases as impaction may lead to infection and damage to neighbouring teeth.
  3. Infection – infections can settle deep within the tooth or gums without immediate treatment. Infections and mouth sores may cause swelling, redness, pain and fever.

We don’t want to see your children struggling with dental-related pain, which is why we prioritise dental care for kids. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.