Signs You’re Experiencing A Dental Emergency And May Need Immediate Expert Services

Dental Emergency

During a person’s life, it’s relatively common to experience a few minor dental issues. When these pesky problems do arise, the best solution is to book yourself a trip to the local dentist to avoid the issue from worsening.  

It’s important to be aware of when you’re experiencing an emergency, which is why we are going to highlight some key red flags to look out for below.  

Extreme Pain  

There’s no signal quite like severe pain in the tooth or jaw to require immediate professional examination and possibly action. Not only is this a sign that you may have a severe oral infection, but it’s also not something you can choose to ignore as the quality of your day-to-day life will be greatly affected by pain. Are over the counter drugs just not doing the trick? It’s advised that you contact a dentist to avoid the infection from further spreading.  

Sensitive Gums That Bleed  

When brushing and flossing your teeth, are you noticing a small amount of bleeding? If so, this is relatively normal, however, it can show a potential risk of early gingivitis. This would suggest that you may need to improve your oral hygiene habits such as flossing more regularly.  

However, if this worsens it will lead to gum disease, otherwise known as periodontitis which is far more serious as it affects the bone that holds your teeth and can result in tooth loss. If you’re noticing an alarming amount of blood, please reach out to your dentist immediately.  

Swollen Jaw Or Gum  

A swollen jaw or gum is largely the indicator of severe oral infection or abscess and thus, must be examined immediately. Alongside this symptom, you’ll likely experience a bad taste in the mouth. The most common root cause of this is a salivary gland infection or tooth root infection, which is when the saliva fails to perform its job of breaking down food and other bacteria.  

In the case of an emergency, your body will give you all the signals to show that something isn’t quite right. But why allow your dental health to reach that point? We suggest implementing regular checks to the dentist to make sure that none of the above happens to you. Contact us for further inquiries or to make use of our services today. 

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