Why To Consider White Composite Filling

White composite filling is an ideal, modern method of correcting cavities and dental decay. This more natural-looking approach lets you maintain a healthy smile at all times. With such professional solutions, you can care for your teeth and ensure that even when struggling with tooth decay, you can still get a beaming bright smile. This material fits the form of its base, moulding easily to the tooth space, evens the tooth’s surface, and ensures your teeth can maintain their strength over time, protecting the tooth structure while ensuring no more damage can occur. 

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A Good Smile

This natural-looking material can support dental health and maintain the appearance of your teeth. This more natural-looking approach bolsters your smile and creates a more stable structure. 

By using white composite filling, you can avoid drawing attention to your tooth decay with this natural-looking material. The resin used in the newer method is prepared to match your existing tooth colour and blend with the existing enamel.

Safe For The Mouth

The material of white composite fillings combines non-toxic plastic and ceramic to create a safe alternative to traditional metal approaches. Metal alloys tend to contain mercury and lead to slow ingestion of a harmful substance. 

Resin options have no adverse effect on your body or oral health balance.

Durable And Stable

The new alternative method of white composite fillings provides a more durable and stable insert for your teeth. The traditional silver insert option requires a significant amount of enamel to be removed to make room for the more bulky material. 

Of course, you don’t want something in your mouth so significant that it pushes against other teeth or impacts your oral comfort, as this can weaken teeth over time and cause sensitivity. These modern material options can be inserted with more ease and minimal enamel removal, causing a far lower risk. 

In addition, your existing teeth can maintain their structural integrity and strength as the filling provides additional stability to teeth weakened by decay.

White composite filling options are ideal for managing the integrity of your teeth. With such professional solutions, you can enjoy a comfortable fit and a material that will not give in to the wear and tear experienced in your mouth. Our dental services in Ottawa can ensure your smile never loses its shine. 

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